GPS Technology Innovator

UHU Technologies LLC is a privately owned engineering research and development company.  The company was formed in 2013 to develop niche GPS products for the US Military and high value civil applications.

UHU is partnering with Southwest Research, Inc. (SwRI) of San Antonio, Texas and VectorNav of Dallas, Texas in research and development of GPS Anti-Jam/Anti-Spoof Technology.  UHU has completed a Phase I STTR Research Contract.
Key Partners:
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is a “not for profit” research and development organization which is multidisciplinary.  The Defense and Intelligence Solutions division of SwRI has over 60 years of experience in the field of signal intercept and radio direction finding, particularly in automated signal intercept and location.  These disciplines require specific expertise in RF design, antenna design, algorithm design, digital signal processing and geolocation techniques.  SwRI has also been (and continues to be) engaged in GPS spoofing detection.  SwRI has been a supplier of hardware for signal intercept and intelligence gathering equipment to various U.S. Government agencies, the U.S. Navy, Army and the Air Force as well as numerous foreign military organizations with which the U.S. is allied.    SwRI, as a not for profit, funds internal research projects for their staff on a competitive basis.  Defense and Intelligence Solutions Division proposals from staff members are frequently funded.  At SWRI the internal research is focused on the support and advancement of the state of the art in those defined areas of interest.

VectorNav Technologies LLC is a commercial company which provides miniature high performance inertial measuring units (IMU).  Their product line reflects their expertise in inertial measurement, attitude determination and Kalman filtering.  Their products are used in unmanned aircraft and for stabilization for ground vehicles.  Founded in 2008, VectorNav Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


Next Steps...

UHU Technologies continues to build on experience and success.