UHU Technologies is a privately-owned engineering research and development company that designs products to detect and mitigate GPS spoofing and jamming.

We have deep roots in signal intelligence and radio location with decades of experience producing high performance hardware. We are applying our expertise to the protection of GPS receivers for critical applications using techniques borrowed from the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) world. Our patented techniques assure the integrity of GPS through spatial processing; for each signal we receive, we compute the angle of arrival and compare it to the known satellite location for that signal. Angle of arrival is the only signal feature that cannot be spoofed. Through additional signal processing, we spatially null (subtract) any spoofers or jammers and mitigate the threat.

What We Do

We protect GPS using spatial processing techniques that can't be spoofed.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about solving emerging threats to critical infrastructure and the national defense.

Our Team

Jeff Sanders


Tom Tillotson

Chief Engineer

Bill Broyles, CPA, CGMA

Chief Financial Officer

Fernando Zapata

Senior Development Engineer

John Cummings

Senior DSP Engineer

Ryan Maples

Senior Development Engineer

Eric Hughes

Senior Design Engineer

Lawrence Simpson

Senior IT Engineer

Doug Caraway

Senior RF Designer

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for amazing talent. Our team is made up of smart and dedicated people who enjoy their work, are focused on collaboration, and who continually strive for improvement.

Current Openings