Northstar GPS Health Monitor


The Northstar GPS Health Monitor adds unparalleled situational awareness and threat detection capabilities to any installation that depends on GPS for position or time. UHU’s patented algorithms validate the GPS satellite constellation using spatial processing techniques that cannot be spoofed. If a spoofer or jammer is detected, an alarm can be sent (via RS232, email, etc.) to alert you of the attack and provide the angle of arrival (line of bearing) to the threat. Multiple Northstar's can be used to geolocate the threat. The Northstar augments existing GPS receivers by validating that the environment is clear. The Northstar is a 19" rackmount 1U chassis.
Northstar Front Panel

Key Benefits:

• Simultaneously detects spoofers and jammers
• Calculates angle of arrival (AOA) to each received threat
• Alerts sent to network using industry standard protocols
• Management provided via secure web based interface
• RF disconnect optionally available for third party GPS receivers
• GPS disciplined 10 MHz and 1 PPS outputs optionally available
     - Automatic timing holdover if spoofing or jamming is detected
     - Higher accuracy (ovenized quartz, atomic) oscillator options available
Northstar Block Diagram

Web-based User Interface

Northstar GUI
The Northstar is equipped with a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that allows customization of all user-defined settings. The GUI also provides a real-time constellation view that shows the angle of arrival of each satellite and any spoofers or jammers present in your environment.

Package Contents

• Northstar (1U rackmount unit)
• 4-element GPS Antenna
• Network Cable (RJ-45)
• AC Power Cable (IEC 60320 C13)
• User’s Guide
• Antenna mounting kit (optionally included)
• Four Coaxial RF Cables (optionally included)
Picture of Northstar ChassisPicture of Northstar Antenna

Field Tested

The Northstar was tested during a live spoofing event at a government sanctioned test. The Northstar quickly identified the threat and provided the correct angle of arrival (or line of bearing) to the transmitting antenna.

The blue icons represent the actual GPS satellite position in the sky. The green icons represent the measured (using UHU’s proprietary interferometric algorithms) GPS satellite positions in the sky.

Lab Tested

In addition to field testing, the Northstar has been extensively tested using RF wavefront simulation.
Self Calibrating Icon

Is your GPS spoof-proof?