Mystery GPS Jamming on NATO Borders Fomenting 'Atmosphere of Threat'

Sustained interference of GPS signals along NATO borders with Russia is intended to sow a "sense of helplessness" within Western societies, allied authorities have told Newsweek as they face off with Moscow in contested areas of northern Europe.

06 March 2024

The growing cooperation between Russia and Iran in electronic warfare raises alarms in Israel

Russia is helping Iran to upgrade its EW capabilities including GPS denial capabilities. This development is being closely followed by Israel and action is being taken to monitor the new development and the ways to deal with it. In addition according to Israeli defense sources Russia shared with Iran the lessons it learned from operating EW and GPS denial systems in Syria, while the Israeli airforce attacked Iranian related targets.

06 March 2024

FAA Tells Pilots To Go Analogue As GNSS ‘Spoofing’ Incidents Increase

The Federal Aviation Administration is advising pilots to prepare to use conventional navigational aids to manage the risks of ‘spoofing’ attacks on global positioning systems and global navigation satellite systems.

03 February 2024

GPS interference caused the FAA to reroute Texas air traffic. Experts stumped

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of mysterious GPS interference that, over the past few days, has closed one runway at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and prompted some aircraft in the region to be rerouted to areas where signals were working properly.

19 October 2022

What happened to GPS in Denver?

Something big happened to GPS service in the Denver area on Jan. 21. On that day, Air Traffic Control issued a notice advising pilots of problems with GPS reception spanning about 8,000 square miles in the Denver area.

21 September 2022