GPS Threat Mitigation System


The UHU1000 enables the use of GPS even in the presence of advanced GPS attacks (both jamming and spoofing) while simultaneously locating the attacker. The UHU1000 performs both the NAVWAR mission (determines where the attack is coming from) and the APNT mission (automatically eliminates/nulls the attacker spatially, protecting both position and time).
A front view of the UHU1000
The UHU1000 validates the authenticity of each satellite by ensuring that it originates from the correct position in the sky, thus making the UHU1000 impervious to spoofing. Any resulting angle-of-arrival measurements of jammers or spoofers are reported to the user through the built-in GUI and through multiple management interfaces (SMTP, SNMP, etc.). Any spoofing signals are automatically categorized, demodulated, and tracked separately from the genuine satellite signals, providing valuable situational awareness to the user. A clean reconstructed RF carrier (with integrated anti-jam and anti-spoof) is provided for external receivers and fully supports M-code.

Key Benefits:

• Impervious to Spoofing
• RF output with Anti-Jam (adaptive nulling)
• RF output with Anti-Spoof (non-adaptive nulling)
• Spatially validated PNT Solution
• Reports PNT of spoofing signal
• Reports angle-of-arrival of threats
• Situational Awareness GUI
• Supports mobile operation
• Integrated Timing Receiver (GPS disciplined 10 MHz and 1 PPS outputs)
     - Automatic timing holdover if spoofing or jamming is detected
     - Higher accuracy (ovenized quartz, atomic) oscillator options available
• Integrated I/Q recorder (T/FDOA capable)
• 7-channel System
Simplified block diagram of the UHU1000

Web-based User Interface

A screenshot from the UHU1000's GUI
The UHU1000 is equipped with a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and includes a constellation view, map view, and spectral view for real-time monitoring of your GPS environment. If a spoofer or jammer is present, the angle of arrival (or line of bearing) of each threat is prominently displayed. Additionally, a built-in "time machine" mode allows past interference to be displayed and analyzed as if in real-time.

Package Contents

UHU1000 (1U rackmount unit) •
Network Cable (RJ-45) •
AC Power Cable •
User’s Guide •
A front view of the UHU1000A back view of the UHU1000

Antenna Kit

7-element GPS Array •
Array mounting kit •
Seven 100' Coaxial RF Cables •
A picture of the UHU1000 GPS antenna/array
Self Calibrating Icon

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